How To Identify Legal Online Casinos

How To Identify Legal Online Casinos

The number of active gambling sites on the internet is several thousand. Most of these gambling sites are legal: they are in possession of regular licenses issued by internationally recognized bodies, they are periodically checked by specialized companies, they use state-of-the-art technologies and are concerned with offering safe and responsible gaming. The hallmarks displayed by the gambling sites help to understand if it is a legal casino.

The spread and evolution of online gambling, poker, casinos and betting, have led to the establishment of regulatory bodies that perform the task of issuing licenses, controlling and certifying gaming sites active on the internet. In addition to the regulatory bodies, there are several companies that specialize in the control of gaming software and companies that specialize in providing secure services for transactions of money and personal data. Not least the institutions that help players with gambling problems

Legal online casinos display the logos and hallmarks of these entities on the pages of their websites. This makes it easier for potential players to find legal and safe sites.


To receive legal casino certificates and an authorization to operate, it is not enough to pay. It is necessary to demonstrate to the competent authorities that you have the technical and economic skills to manage this type of business and ensure 100% transparency for everything concerning the financial operations of the online casino itself and its users, this to combat the problem of money laundering. money. It is also necessary to demonstrate an ethical behavior towards the players and to ensure the utmost secrecy and security in banking transactions.

In addition to receiving a license to operate, legal casinos are certified by internationally recognized associations and firms that specialize in controlling online casinos. These firms control both the ethical behavior towards the players and the technical aspects related to the activity of online gambling.

Technical Aspects Of The Game – The Certificates For The Software

The analysis of the data of the game sessions allows you to check two main characteristics of the software used:

The functioning of the RNG algorithm of the gaming software used by the casino whose task is to recreate online the randomness of land-based casinos.

Technical Aspects Of The Game – Transfers Of Money And Personal Data

Legal casinos also display on their websites all the information regarding the technologies (SSL – Secure Sockets Layer) used for the encryption of personal and banking data transferred to the online casino. Secrecy and security in transactions are a watchword for safe, honest and legal online casinos. Among the firms specializing in transactions, the most popular are VerySign and GoDaddy. Their brands are the most popular on online casino sites.

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